Congratulations, TUM Boring!

The team from Technical University of Munich was chosen from around 400 teams in total to fly their tunnel boring machine to Las Vegas for the finals of Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring-Competition. This Monday then, the TUM Boring team has successfully competed against eleven other teams and has won the main prize of the competition – being the fastest to bore a 30 meter tunnel. 

Due to strict saftey requirements, their machine was among the only two machines that the jury allowed to actually try and bore a such tunnel. In the end, the team dug a tunnel of 22 meters through Las Vegas soil and came out the fastest! In addition, it also won the secondary prize for the best navigation system.


We congratulate the whole team on the admirable team work and this amazing achievement! 


Click here to see the visualizations we created for TUM Boring. 

The TUM Boring team after winning the Not-a-Boring-Competition in Las Vegas. (© TUM Boring)
The TUM Boring container at the competition site in Las Vegas. (© TUM Boring)
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