About us

Skeno creates computer-generated imagery since 2019 and is based in Munich, Germany. We strive to combine digital craftsmanship with a sense of aesthetics in order to deliver virtual imagery across multiple disciplines and to the highest standard.

The team

Philip Schneider holds a Bachelor's degree in architecture and is currently completing his Master's degree with a focus on computational design and the 3d-printing of concrete at Technical University of Munich.

Sean Kelly is a trained mechatronics engineer with working experience in the field of machine programming. He is currently enrolled in a Bachelor's program in mechatronics at Hochschule Kempten.

The company name

The name Skeno is derived from an abbreviation of the German word for scenography - Skenographie. As transmitted by Vitruvius in his 7th book of De architectura, the ancient Greek art of creating painted illusions for backdrops of theater scenes - now called scenography - was invented by Agatharchus, a greek painter who lived during the 5th century BC. It is assumed that Agatharchus already incorporated first forms of perspective in his paintings in order to deliver a perfect illusion a long time before a geometrically correct construction of perspective was established by Filippo Brunelleschi in Florence, Italy, during the 14th century.

Skeno too aims to create perfect illusions - only using the tools of today.